White marble: know the main types and their advantages

Marble is synonymous with refinement and sophistication. The association is automatic, there is no way. In antiquity, those who used the stone in the decoration gained status of power and wealth. The marble was also widely used for sculpting sculptures, the most famous of which, Michelangelo's David, was all made of Carrara marble. And, in Ancient Rome, this same marble was used for the construction of the Pantheon. Learn more about white marble and its main types:

Despite all the glamor that surrounds the stone it is necessary to know that not everything is perfect when speaking in marble, especially the white marble that has peculiar characteristics that can compromise your project. So do not get carried away by appearances.

Follow the entire post to know the characteristics of each type of white marble (yes, that's right, because white is not all the same), the advantages and disadvantages of white marble and the price range between different types of marble. But let's start by clarifying the difference between marble and granite.

Know the main differences between marble and granite

Can you recognize and differentiate a marble from a granite? Both are heavily used and their features are very similar. So pay attention to the details.

The main difference and the most visible between the two types of stone is the appearance. The granite has a texture that resembles dotted, while the marble has a more uniform coloration, marked by the presence of long and defined veins. Notice the homogeneity of the stone to define it as marble or granite.

Another important difference between them is the porosity. The marble is more porous than the granite, therefore, it finishes being more propitious the stains and wearings over the time. And, in terms of wear, granite is also sturdier and ideal for use in places with higher traffic and in outdoor areas.

The price also marks (and much) the difference between marble and granite. Marble, especially if imported, is much more expensive than granite.

Advantages of White Marble

1. Smoother and more uniform appearance

One of the great advantages of using white marble in the finish of the house is its appearance, much more uniform and homogeneous when compared to granite. The white marble has a high aesthetic value and stands out in the decoration of the environments.

2. Resistance

If you are looking for a strong and sturdy material, you can bet on the marble. Formed mainly by the minerals calcite and dolomite, the marble besides resistant is highly durable, remaining beautiful for many years.

3. Can be used in assorted projects

The homogeneous appearance of the white marble allows it to be used in different architectural projects, from the most classic to the most modern. White marble can be used on stairs, wall panels, sink countertops and counters, for example. If the intention is to let the design clean, the white marble is the ideal choice.

Disadvantages of White Marble

1. Stain with ease

The porosity of the white marble makes it very susceptible to stains and, perhaps, this is the great disadvantage of the material. Because of this, white marble is not very suitable for kitchens.

But if you do not give up the material, you can get around this problem by always having a cloth to clean liquids or other substances that accidentally fall on the workbench. This way you prevent the marble from absorbing the liquid and getting stained. Try to use marble cleaners, or just a damp cloth with mild soap, this also helps prolong the beauty of the material.

Another possibility is to make a stone treatment to reduce its porosity. You see, reduce, that does not mean it will stop absorbing. Therefore, care is the best strategy to use white marble in the finishing of wet areas such as the kitchen.

2. Price

Another disadvantage of marble in relation to granite (and other coating materials) is its high cost. Although, with the variety of national white marbles available on the market, prices fluctuate and it is possible to find the stone with more accessible values. But anyway it is good to know that marble, however, carries a high cost when compared to other materials. But it's like the saying goes"a taste is better than pocket money".

White marble price range

Check below a table with the average price of square meter of the different types of white marble. Remember that the values ​​vary according to the region of the country:

  • Piguês around R $ 1000,00 m²
  • Carrara from R $ 600,00 to R $ 900,00 m²
  • Paraná around R $ 300,00 m²
  • Calacatta about R $ 2800,00 m²
  • Thassos about R $ 1400,00 m²

Check out the main types of white marble and their use in residential projects:

Marble White Calacatta

Marble White Calacatta

Calacatta is on the list of the most expensive marbles. The white stone, of Italian origin, is highly valued in internal projects. In outdoor areas it can easily be damaged, as exposure to the sun, rain and pollution could change the color and texture of the stone over time. Calacatta differs from other white marbles by its white background and striking veins in gray and gold colors. It is ideal for floors, wall coverings, stairs and countertops.

Picture 1 - Marble white Calacatta coating floor and walls of the bathroom.

White Marble Calacatta Coating Floor and Bathroom Walls

Picture 2 - Kitchen wall in white marble Calacatta.

Kitchen wall in white marble Calacatta

Picture 3 - Marble Calacatta in the bathroom countertop.

Calacatta marble on the countertop

Picture 4 - Kitchen ostentation: marble Calacatta up to the ceiling.

Boasting cuisine: Calacatta marble up to the ceiling

Picture 5 - Kitchen counter and counter made of white calacatta marble.

Kitchen counter and counter made of white calacatta marble

Picture 6 - When the classic and the traditional are united in the same project.

When the classic and the traditional come together in the same project

Image 7 - Kitchen finish in white marble Calacatta.

Calacatta White Marble Kitchen Finish

Picture 8 - Pure luxury this wall for TV coated with Calacatta white marble.

Wall with white marble

Picture 9 - The white marble Calacatta confers a unique and very sophisticated look to the room of the couple.

Unique and sophisticated look with white marble in the double bedroom

Image 10 - Floor, staircase and balcony made in white marble Calacatta.

Floor and counter with white marble Calacatta

White Carrara Marble

White marble carrara

The Italian white Carrara marble is one of the best known. This marble has very characteristic dark gray veins that sets it apart from the others. Carrara is a high porosity stone, therefore more suitable for internal use.

Picture 11 - Luxurious bathroom clad in Carrara marble.

Luxurious bathroom clad in Carrara marble

Image 12 - Countertop and tub made of Carrara white marble.

Countertop and tub made of Carrara white marble

Picture 13 - Carrara marble in contrast to the black marble of the bench.

Carrara marble in the bathroom

Picture 14 - White marble leaves the environment clean and smooth.

White marble leaves the environment clean and smooth

Picture 15 - Bathroom of sophisticated style benefited from the imposing Carrara marble.

All the grandeur of the Carrara marble in the bathroom decoration

Picture 16 - White marble Carrara marks presence in the whole bathroom.

White marble Carrara marks presence in the whole bathroom

Picture 17 - White marble is a great choice for modern and minimalist designs.

White marble in modern minimalist design

Picture 18 - The office was even more luxurious with the white marble floor.

White marble floor in the office

Picture 19 - In the strip of wall of the sink, the carrara marble marks presence.

Carrara marble in the wall range of the sink

Image 20 - Well-marked gray shaft is the main feature of Carrara white marble.

Carrara marble well-marked gray

White Marble Parana

White marble: know the main types and their advantages

Brasileiríssimo, the Paraná marble has a white background with veins in beige and brown, being very different from most white marbles. Being a national stone, the Paraná marble is a good option for those with a tight budget.

Image 21 - Remarkable veins in beige tones differentiate the Paraná marble from the others.

Remarkable shades in beige shades of the Paraná Marble

Picture 22 - A luxury! Marble Parana throughout the bathroom.

Marmore Parana throughout the bathroom

Picture 23 - White marble balcony enhances the kitchen.

White marble counter in the kitchen

Picture 24 - Elegance defines this ladder made of white marble Paraná.

Ladder with white marble Paraná

Image 25 - Natural white marble shafts create unique designs.

Natural marble shafts create unique designs

Image 26 - Maroon veins tone matches with the rest of the bathroom wood.

Maroon shade of white marble in combination with wood

Image 27 - Touch of glamor with the white marble countertop in Paraná.

White marble: know the main types and their advantages

Image 28 - Sober style room with white marble panel for TV.

Living room with white marble panel

Picture 29 - Kitchen coated with white marble.

Kitchen coated with white marble

Image 30 - Marble Paraná has a strong and striking presence in the decoration.

Marble Parana in the decoration

White Marble Piguês

White marble Piguês

Piguês marble, of Greek origin, also has gray veins on its surface. His difference to Carrara lies in the distance from the veins. The Greek version is more spaced and less marked than the Italian version.

Picture 31 - Clean bathroom with bench in Piguês white marble.

Bathroom with bench in White Marble Piguês

Image 32 - Direct lighting on the stairs further enhances the noble Piguês marble.

Marble Piguês on the stairs

Picture 33 - White marble countertop left this kitchen with a less obvious decoration.

White marble counter

Image 34 - Piguês marble is one of the most uniform.

White marble Piguês: one of the most uniform

Picture 35 - Countertop with double tub all made of Piguês white marble.

Countertop with double tub in Piguês marble

Image 36 - Elegant white marble bathroom enhanced by the green of the mini garden.

Elegant bathroom with white marble

Image 37 - Kitchen table top made of Piguês white marble.

Kitchen table top with Piguês marble

Image 38 - Black and white duo of marbles.

Black and white duo of marbles

Image 39 - Contrast between the rustic wood and the sophistication of the marble.

White marble: know the main types and their advantages

Image 40 - Metallic taps in gold tone highlight the whiteness of the Piguês marble.

Piguês marble in the bathroom

White Marble Sivec

White Marble Sivec

The Sivec white marble is one of the few types of marble indicated for outdoor area. This stone, of Greek origin, is more resistant and less porous. Therefore, it has a greater durability and resistance. The Sivec type has on its surface veins and small gray dots.

Picture 41 - Bathroom all white coated with Sivec marble.

All white bathroom with marble Sivec

Picture 42 - Two tones of marble in the same bathroom.

Two shades of marble in the same bathroom

Picture 43 - Marble Sivec can also be used in ladder designs.

Ladder design with Sivec marble

Picture 44 - For a clean and soft bathroom, use white marble.

White marble for clean and soft bathroom

Picture 45 - Marble Sivec in the kitchen.

Marble Sivec in the kitchen

Picture 46 - Total white.

Total white in the kitchen

Picture 47 - Walls lined with white marble fill the atmosphere of style and sophistication.

Walls lined with white marble

Image 48 - Sivec white marble hexagonal floor.

Hexagonal white marble floor Sivec

Picture 49 - A touch of luxury in the environment does not hurt anyone.

A touch of luxury in the environment does not hurt anyone

Picture 50 - Composition of white marble with black marble on the wall of the room.

Composition of white marble with black marble

Thassos White Marble

Thassos White Marble

For those who are looking for a very uniform-looking white marble, you can bet on the Greek Thassos. This type is characterized by having few veins and little mixture of colors in its composition, being almost all white. But since everything in life has its price, prepare the pocket. The Thassos model is among the most expensive white marbles on the market, with an average price of around R $ 1400,00 per square meter.

Image 51 - Thassos white marble on the bathroom countertop.

Thassos white marble on the bathroom counter

Image 52 - Marble Thassos is one of the most uniform white models that exists.

Uniformity of Thassos marble

Image 53 - Luxurious white marble countertop.

Luxurious white marble countertop

Picture 54 - Details that make the difference: in this room the table top is white marble.

Table top of the living room with white marble

Image 55 - For a clean design, bet on Thassos marble.

For a clean design, bet on Thassos marble

Image 56 - The rustic and the luxury in the same environment.

The rustic and the luxury in the same environment with white marble

Image 57 - Pure white.

Pure White on Design

Image 58 - To break the whiteness, the green tablets.

White marble: know the main types and their advantages

Image 59 - The combination of white and black leaves the bathroom modern and stylish.

Black and white bathroom

Picture 60 - With retro details, this bathroom bet on the marble counter to differentiate.

Retro bathroom with white marble countertop